• Tim Fullbrook

Corvette announces 2022 GTE PRO entry alongside unveiling the new 2024 Z06 GT3.R

A new chapter in the GM marque's history

Corvette Racing have confirmed that, for the first time, they will be competing in a full WEC season.

A single C8.R will be run in the GTE PRO world championship, a move which will see the IMSA programme cut down to one car for the dawn of the new GTD PRO class.

Tommy Milner, and Nick Tandy will take up duties on the world stage, with their sights fully set on competing with Porsche and Ferrari in the final year for the PRO category. Alex Sims will join the crew for the 2022 24h Le Mans.

In addition the GM marque unveiled their first fully-fledged GT3 model.

The Z06 GT3.R features much of the same genetics as the C8.R, such as the same V8 flat-plane crankshaft power unit, but has been built to meet the global GT3-spec.

Debuting in 2024, the car is expected to replace the de-tuned C8.R GTLM that will run in IMSA’s GTD PRO category in 2022/3, the Z06 GT3.R will also be eligible for SRO and other GT3 championships that season.

For the first time, Chevrolet is planning on building a customer programme around the new car.

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