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Toyota's updated Hypercar aero spotted during pre-season test

Changes to the GR010's aerodynamic package evident from images shared on Facebook

Toyota do not appear to be resting on their laurels ahead of the 2022 FIA WEC season, as images posted on Facebook reveal a number of aerodynamic changes made to the GR010 Hypercar.

Under the FIA Hypercar regulations, manufacturers are able to make a maximum of five performance enhancing updates to the car. These EVO Jokers must be pitched and evidenced to the FIA and can only appear on the car if successful in gaining approval from the governing body.

The EVO Joker system does not include changes for safety or reliability reasons, which may enable Toyota to solve the fuel intake problem that nearly cost them victories at Le Mans at Monza.

In the past week the Japanese marque has been completing endurance testing at Paul Ricard, a pre-season tradition that the team has carried out for a number of years. Shots posted by a Toyota fan page on Facebook from the test at the French circuit give a great insight into the alterations made to the rear of the 24h Le Mans-winning machine.

Whilst the front-end appears unchanged three significant alterations are visible from the side-profile of the GR010: extended roof fences, modified shark fin, and reshaped rear wing endplates.

Starting above the cockpit, the two 'fences' have been extended forward most likely to help focus and separate airflow over the top of the car.

Secondly an updated shark fin appears taller, featuring a longer, more aggressive shape that reaches closer to the rear wing. A more significant cutout behind the roof air intake is also notable from the side view.

Finally, the rear wing endplates are of considerable difference to the 2021 version. The leading edge is now rounder and extends further forwards, with the whole unit reduced in height below that of the shark fin.

Photo: Toyota Gazoo Racing

Adaptations to the Toyota were expected in the run-up towards the 2022 season, and to be in the best position to continue their championship winning streak with the next major manufacturer to join the ranks, Peugeot.

The changes tally potentially three of the five EVO Jokers allowed by Toyota, meaning that this may be close to the final form of the GR010 till the end of the 2025 season.

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